TD4T Traversing Machine

Heavy Duty Single Head Bench Winder

Traverse Pic The Model TD4T traversing machine is mounted upon a sub-table fitted with low friction linear slides and a zero backlash ball lead screw.  This allows the whole machine (including bobbin) to traverse back and forth.

This machine features a quality built, high speed single head winder, which is controlled by a well-proven microprocessor unit which governs:

All machines are equipped with a fail safe brake and polycarbonate guard, and are CE certified.

Technical Specifications

Pitch Range up to 10mm
Coil Diameter up to 300mm
Winding Length up to 250mm
Control System 1,000 programmes
Spindle Speed up to 6,000 rpm
Supply 240V, 50 Cycles, 10 Amp
Motor 0.75 kW

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