Model PD-3

Payoff Unit for Stem Pack/Formers

Stem Pack Photo Smooth payoff and steady back tension are provided by this system.

The main component of this unit is an inverted cone, which is placed on top of the former and the wire.  This cone moves downward as the wire pays off, gently forcing the wire outwards around the contour of the cone and past a smooth ring on top.  The wire is then guided through a Wyrepak cap and tension brush (PD-1) affixed to the top of the stem pack/former.

Stem Pack Diagram A “snagger” switch can be included as an option to signal the unwinding system to stop should a tangle or snag occur, although this is not normally necessary.

Item *Coil Size Bore *Approx. Outer Diameter
CSR-8 400 mm (16") 700 mm (28")
CSR-8 500 mm (20") 700 mm (28")
CSR-10 600 mm (24") 700 mm (28")

* all other sizes are made to order

This unit will pay off.

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