Model PD-9

High Speed Payoff Stand

Wyrepak’s single and multiple spindle high speed payoff stands are versatile, complete units of unitized welded steel construction, ready for string-up as received, yet movable as a unit.


High Speed Payoff

At higher running speeds, the wire may "balloon" or leave the brushes and payoff at a "loop diameter".  This ballooning may be controlled by a dome, which contains the wire at operational speed, but domes do not provide tension control, nor do they eliminate loose dropped wires or start-up and shut down.

However, combining the high-speed dome with a tension brush unit gives tension and wire control during starting and stopping; the domes maintain wire control while running.  In particular, the tension brush eliminates "knotting" of wire, which may occur during a fast deceleration and subsequent acceleration at start-up.

The Wyrepak single or multiple head high speed payoff stand eliminates wire payoff troubles at speeds of up to about 7000 feet (2200 meters) per minute by combining the rotatable-cap tension brush unit and the high-speed dome.  Tension control is easily achieved by adding a belt-wrapped tension unit (see PDCBU-1) to our high speed payoff stands.  For 5 or more spindles (any number is available), the arrangement is in two rows by 4 spindles high.  The 14 3/4" (375mm) domes are in a fixed position with pivoted spindles that swing out for loading and register in place within the domes for running.

Construction is unitized, welded steel, ready for string-up, yet easily moved. Rotatable-cap tension brush units are provided for each spindle.  The stand shown (above) features a typical 24 spindle high-speed payoff stand for 10" (254mm) reels with optional drop fingers, clear plastic domes, and rotatable-cap tension brush units.  The pivotal spindles are clearly shown.

12" (305mm) Flange Diameter Reels

The Wyrepak high-speed stand is 2 or 3 spindles high for this size reel for ease of operation.  Domes are 17 1/2" (455mm) in diameter and in a fixed position.  Spindles are the pivotal swing type, and rotatable-cap tension brush units are included.  Note that for speeds below 1200 feet (370 meters) per minute, our rotatable-cap/rotatable-brush unit can be used (see PD-26).  No domes are necessary.

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