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About Wyrepak Industries

At Wyrepak Industries, we specialize in payoff systems and tension controls.  We also manufacture a wide range of machinery & ancillary equipment for the wire & cable and other industrial markets.

Wyrepak Industries began serving the Industrial market in 1954 in the city of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

In 1999, Wyrepak acquired Watkins U.K. and a new company, Wyrepak-Watkins Ltd., was formed.

In 2002, Wyrepak's U.S. office was relocated to Middletown, Connecticut.

In 2012, Wyrepak Industries was purchased by Huestis Machine Corporation and relocated to Bristol, Rhode Island.

Wyrepak brand equipment will be sold by Huestis Industrial as a separate product line complimenting Huestis Industrial products and offering the customers more choices in machines and ancillary equipment to meet the manufacturing needs of the customer.

Wyrepak has a reputation for rugged, simple designs that work and are long lasting.

If you have special requirements or questions, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss ways to supply you with equipment that will meet your needs.

Wyrepak – The name to remember!