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Huestis Machine Purchases Wyrepak Industries

Huestis Industrial, in a cooperative agreement, has purchased Wyrepak Industries in March of 2012.

This acquisition will provide the customers with more choices of equipment for the wire & cable industry, while benefiting from technology and support from Huestis Industrial.

The synergy between Wyrepak Industries and Huestis Industrial will take customer service and support to another level while providing rugged machinery and real time solutions to meet the demands of modern manufacturing.

Wyrepak Industries has a great reputation and has been established as a long time supplier of high quality machines for the wire and cable industry, specializing in pay-offs and tension controls, along with ancillary parts such as pulleys and sheaves.  "I have the greatest confidence that the Wyrepak brand will continue to grow and compliment the Huestis Industrial product lines of pay-offs, take-ups, jacket strippers, and of course, air wipers while giving the customers more choices," said Howard Fancher.

Huestis Industrial will continue to sell products under the Wyrepak brand name.  All inquiries for products, or information should be directed to Howard Fancher at 401-253-5500 ext.102, or by email at .

Huestis Industrial is a TeamBest® company.

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